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‘Jonathan Harvey’s Song Offerings….featured in the afternoon concert by the New Music Players, who handled the virtuoso scoring with ease. Amanda Pitt was the soprano soloist here and in a performance of Colin Matthew’s Night’s Mask that captured the warmth of the music and the mystery of the Fernando Pessoa sonnet on which it is based.’ (The Times, 18 May 1999, John Allison/Brighton Festival)

‘Amanda Pitt nips about irrepressibly in Kaspar Rucky and…gives a good account of the grim little story in The Wolf’s Track…’ (Gramophone, May 1997/Janácek CD, Hyperion)

‘The fine voice of Amanda Pitt suggested both the loveliness of Euridice as well as the urgent passion’. (Oxford Times, 26 July 1996, Chris Gray/Bampton Classical Opera)

‘Schiff joined the women from the choir in The Wolf’s Track, in which an adulterous wife and her murderous husband were sung with passionate abandon by Amanda Pitt.’ (The Independent, 19 October 1994, Adrian Jack/Intimate Letters, Barbican)

‘Renouveau….is revealed in all its charm, particularly in the central soprano solo estatically sung by Amanda Pitt.’ (Classic CD, December 1994, Daniel Jaffe/Lili Boulanger CD, Hyperion)

Nadine in The Philosophers’ Stone with Bampton Classical Opera

  • ‘Amanda Pitt, ever-restrained, made an appealing Nadine’ (The Independent, 1 August 2001, Roderic Dunnett)
  • ‘… with the occasional genuine highlight: Nadine’s caressing minuet, A Woman Who has Felt Love’s Dart’ (The Times, 31 July 2001, Robert Thicknesse)
  • ‘Amanda Pitt, her haunting soprano right in tune, on two occasions stole the show.’ (Oxford Times, 3 August 2001, Derek Jole)

Luciana in A Comedy of Errors with Bampton Classical Opera

  • ‘Amanda Pitt, an aptly touching Luciana’, Opera Now, 2001
  • ‘Amanda Pitt’s torn Luciana tugged the hearstrings… the pick of the voices.’ (The Independent, July 2000)

Susanna in Paisiello’s Nina with Bampton Classical Opera

  • ‘A triumph.’ (Opera Now, 1999)
  • ‘A… cheerfully sung aria from Amanda Pitt as Nina’s flustering governess, Susanna.’ (Opera, October 1999, Roderick Dunnett)
  • ‘The singers in the leading roles… her companion Susanna (Amanda Pitt) were outstanding.’ (Oxford Times, July 1999)